Some People say the stock market is a random number generator......


A Better Way to Chart the Market Flow
The action of the stock market can be compared to the current of a river, and volume to sticks placed in that current.
The "A" shaped Waves created by the sticks of volume become barriers to further price movement.
We can now see these "A" shaped Waves as they are made.
And project them into the future with accuracy.

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FireCharts should be just one tool in your arsenal of many. Firecharts give no specific buys or sells. As you can see in the example below it is up to you to interpret the results of the chart. Also, do not expect every chart to produce clear results. FireCharts look for grouping of investors. If FireCharts can't find agreement among the investors the resulting charts will not produce sharp well-defined waves letting you know that you should move on and select another stock for analysis. FireCharts produce five different charts per stock. Each chart looks for different types of investors. One chart has no real significance over the other, all you are interested in is finding waves that deflect stock prices. Don't expect any wave to take more than 3 hits before being penetrated. At this time FireCharts has no indicator to compare the strength of the wave to the strength of the price movement trying to penetrate it, you must use other indicators to make that final determination. FireCharts shows you where the waves are that will try to deflect a hit, but you must decide whether they will hold.

"Good Luck and make some money."

  Below is an example of many Daily FireCharts over time:
symbol=QQQQ . . . NASDAQ 100
NOTE: The right half of the chart is a dynamic forecast into the future that changes somewhat as new information becomes available.

Notice how the price bounces off the bright yellow (strong) "<" shaped waves.
Also notice the development of a new and lower "shock wave" which will deflect the prices downward.



Besides drawing topographic Daily, Weekly, and Monthly stock charts FireCharts has several other useful utilities:

1) Angular Wave Alerts - Instead of setting price alerts only on the horizontal you can now set price alerts that follow the waves so each day the trigger price to buy or sell is different. You can be notified by E-mail and audio visual alert when a price wave is hit on either the buy or sell side. In development is a portfolio tracker.

2) Triangulate Prices - You can now right click four points right to left on the highs and lows and the chart will display next likely points of triangulation. These are sometimes related to significant turning points.

3) Your Personal Web Links - You can now have YOUR own favorite web links on a drop-down menu and your web page will always be looking at the stock you are studying without having to re-type the stock symbol for each of your web address.

4) Real-Time Quotes Charted - While you are on-line FireCharts will add the most current RTQ every time you re-draw the chart so you don't have to re-build the chart from scratch every time.


The Theory behind FireCharts:

Suppose you as an investor were to chart a path where you thought the stock market was going to be over the next say 30 days, and then asked a fellow investor to do the same, and then asked every investor to do the same. If you then compared all the charts, you would find that everyone drew a different chart and none of them matched.

But suppose you were to lay all the charts over each other and were able to see what they all had in common... that is the goal of FireCharts. FireCharts assumes that all these investors will be making future investment decisions based on their projections. Armed with this information you may anticipate their moves.

FireCharts is a new charting and forecasting method that is better than moving averages, Oscillators, or whatever chart patterns you can find anywhere that are drawn after the fact. I'm sure you have seen analysts connect dots or point to price peaks and bottoms after the fact only to have their pattern disappear a day later. FireCharts shows you key resistance and support lines the day they are created and project them into the future. As computers become faster this type of technical analysis will become the standard.

A-Waves bring light to some well known market moves: Expanding Triangles are created by prices bouncing off the insides of A-Waves. Descending Triangles are created by prices being squeezed by two A-Waves. Elliott Waves are created by prices that break through several A-Waves that are placed inside each other and end to end. Gann Angles are created by prices bouncing off or rolling over several A-Waves that overlap. Fibonicci Numbers show up when prices bounce off regularly spaced A-Waves. Support lines are created by prices pounding down against one leg of an A-Wave. Resistance Lines are created by prices bumping up against one leg of an A-Wave. Trend Lines are prices that follow one leg of an A-Wave. Candle Stick - doji and morning stars are created by prices that punch through the nearest A-Wave and hit the leg of the next closest A-Wave and then bounce back through the oringinal A-Wave. The list goes on and on...

What all the above technical indicators have in common are that they don't tell you where they are until they are well into their move or they are finished making their pattern. A-Waves help to show you the patterns in advance.

The FireCharts program is easy to use but will take a while to understand. The FireCharts program has a built in popup help that can be turned on or off by the user. For more ideas on its use click here.

Windows NT, 95,98, ME, 2000 or better
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Internet Explorer4.0 or better
PIII-800mhz or better
128Meg RAM

Calculations of A-Waves are very computer intensive. Creating these state of the art REAL TIME DAILY charts will stress your computer system to its limits so faster the better. However, the FireCharts program has been tested on 66mhz Pentium I and it works (if you have a few hours).

The FireCharts program is about 1 meg in size. The FireCharts program and the data are FREE thanks to our advertisers who are funding this project.

Above example chart is a log view of CSCO using the Advanced setting. You can see how CSCO couldn't push up through the strong thick yellow Wave and was then deflected into a group of downward sloping Waves.

Many thanks to the data feed providers and advertisers who made this project possible.

Daily data provided by: Yahoo Finance


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Patterns that exist in one level will repeat in the next, as atoms circle so do planets, galaxies,...
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