Travel Alarm Clock v2.80

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This full function multi-time-zone Atomic Alarm Clock allows you to define time zones and wake-up times to as many cities and countries as you want.

Set the alarm time and leave your laptop PC on over night and your computer will wake you up in the morning.

Just think, no matter where you are you can always wake up to your favorite MP3 Music or CD, even Mpeg & AVI Videos! Whats more, if you leave the Travel Alarm Clock program running while you are on the web it will automatically set your PC time to the atomic clock time which is accurate to the second.

Audio Alarms include:

  1. Play CD music
  2. Play MP3 music
  3. Play MPG,MPEG & AVI Videos
  4. Play MIDI music
  5. Play WAVE files
  6. Play SYSTEM sound
  7. Talking Alarm Clock Speaks the Time of the Alarm
  8. Custom messages to wake you up
  9. Run PROGRAM of your choice

Visual Alarms include:

  1. Alarm Clock Pops Up and becomes Visible
  2. Lips move when Talking Alarm Clock is saying the time
  3. Text changes color for each alarm
  4. If a Video is selected it will be shown
  5. Flashing Tool Bar
  6. Flashing Alarm Time
  7. Flashing Task Bar
  8. Red Text for Warnings

Also included:

  1. Time Sync your Computer to the Atomic Clock
  2. Snooze Alarm
  3. Volume
  4. Options
  5. Event Time Calculator/Alarm Set
  6. Alarm Clock

Future Updates:

  1. Gradually increase Alarm Volume over time to peacefully wake you up

If the Travel Alarm Clock is missing an Option or Enhancement you would like to see then contact us and at no cost they will be added or changed.

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Travel Alarm Clock


Many thanks to the advertiser who made this Alarm Clock project possible.

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